The 7 therapeutic task for a Constructive grieving

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Dear colleagues and friends. I present you with great enthusiasm the constructive Mourning, the result of 15 years of research and intervention in Normal and complicated mourning: the intial work was done with grieving families from Newspapers, journalist in Madrid –Spain and not only which demanded therapy. The Foundation  offered them scholarships, educational programs for children, workshops and recreational activities to adults.
Research Summary
  1. The normal grief is finished when the people internalize the loved one’s figure and is part of the Self. There are obstacles to this internalization: conflicting relations, immature relationships with loved ones. Etc. The positive evolution occurs when there is dialogue with the loved one, achieving physical and external acceptance of death.
  2. The Mourning could brake down 7 areas of life, 7 vital crisis and the main task is the reconstruction of the plans that most have been affected.
  3. The crises are:
(a) Critical management of death
(b) Emotional and structural crisis of the bound
(c) Vital project crisis
(d)  Identity and values crisis, Meaning of life.
(f) Dependence and personality disorders
(g) Family structure crisis
(g) Resources crisis (psycho-social-economic-health-educational, etc.)
    1. intervention:The seven critical areas hace specific treatment and exercices.  information, guidance and orientation is required for the elaboration of the death of a loved. If there is no attention to the duel, the first year people double their demand for health resources by different somatic.
We must perform different tasks, before during and after the death. Structuring these tasks facilitate the reorganisation. All this allows them to channel the pain and regain peace of mind. A specific therapy when people have maintained an immature links, dependency or conflicting relationships is also necessary.
  1. The Mourning, an opportunity. The death of a fundamental loved is an opportunity to mature, plan a life more full, satisfactory and consistent. The dislocation is inevitable and life can provide a high satisfaction if you can redefine it as adult, in an active way . All this requires a creative work and a big change management.
  1. The Handbook: this book published in Spanish, is a guide easy to understand and apply, it has diagrams of each process, testimonies of the concepts and 20 exercises to overcome the different planes of the mourning.
This Manual allows processing before the death, an early care and different processes to develop the duel of individual, family, or collectively. It has tools to avoid the emotional disconnection and the crisis of anxiety. It takes into account the needs of reorganizing the family level, structure of affective links and vital project which many times is truncated with the death of a loved one.
You can order the book in Amazon and by me, it brings a training proposal: a workshop for health workers.
Alejandro Jiliberto Herrera, psychologist and social researcher, resilient of the avatars that lived and Nexo Psicosalud director, takes more than 29 years providing humor, health and well-being to patients, families, teams, companies, and organizations that work with. Born in Chile, lived in Bucarst, Berlin and form more than 30 years in Madrid.
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  1. Group, experiential and dynamic methodology.
  2. Participatory exercises
  3. Active techniques. TGN, Releplay, Psychodrama, creativity etc.
  4. Individual practical exercises, in pair, for families and groups
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Constructive Mourning, the 7 task to deal with grief